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AIArchitect This Week | The New Acropolis Museum: The Parthenon Gets a Bold New Neighbor

The New Acropolis Museum: The Parthenon Gets a Bold New Neighbor

Bernard Tschumi’s New Acropolis Museum embrace’s antiquity with contextual modesty and strident confidence Summary: Competing for the commission to build the New Acropolis Museum, New York City- and Paris-based firm Bernard Tschumi Architects created a design inspired by the simplicity and clarity of ancient Greece. About the museum soon to be open to the public, Bernard Tschumi, FAIA, describes a structure with a built-in chron

In Omaha, Nebraska, The Cottonwood Hotel Roars Back to Life

The Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel, in Omaha, Nebraska, has an almost cinematic quality. It greets visitors not with the large, open lobby we’ve come to expect in modern hospitality, but with a series of smaller rooms, each one leading into the next, like scenes in a film.

This, of course, is no accident. Midnight in Paris, a 2011 film by Woody Allen, was a main source of inspiration for the recent renovation of the Blackstone Hotel, as the property was known when it first opened in 1916. In the film

AIArchitect This Week | Real Solutions for Virtual Reality

Summary: HKS Inc.’s visualization studio has built a powerful real-time rendering engine based on gaming software. But the technology is more than many architecture firms can handle, and, in most cases, it might be more than they actually need.

A powerful tool, but even more powerful

HKS Inc. made headlines in 2007 when it announced its decision to license the Unreal Engine 3, by Epic Games Inc., a company based in Cary, N.C. The product, which is not commonly used in architectural visualiza

AIArchitect This Week | Student Housing Made to Last

How do you . . . design sustainable and durable privately developed student housing?

Summary: The Steelhead Townhouses, designed by Eugene-based 2fORM Architecture, are everything privately developed student housing usually isn’t–modern and memorable, thoughtfully designed specifically for students, built sustainably using high-quality materials, and in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood. Several years ago, developer Dan Neal saw an opportunity opening up in Eugene, Ore. The student pop

AIArchitect This Week | Riverfront Residence: Greening the Desert

How do you . . . design a house with a green roof in an irregular desert site? Summary: Several years ago, architect Bil Taylor designed and built a 3,800-square-foot house in a small lot next to a river. As if the challenging conditions weren’t enough—a cliffside site, the hot climate of the Sonoran Desert, the size and shape of the lot, and what the architect considered a modest budget—Taylor decided the house would also have the first modern desert roof garden in the U.S. A cliff, a river, a