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My Work

My work includes traditional long-form journalism, messaging strategy, and marketing content.

Below you'll find samples of each.*

*Please note some pages are password-protected to maintain client confidentiality. Please contact me if you'd like to see more of my work.

Just to note, to me this kind of work is as intense, and exciting, and physically and mentally demanding as whatever is happening in the image above this text. And sometimes even as dangerous. No, seriously.

Long Form

I'm a trained journalist with more than 200 articles published in consumer and trade magazines, mostly in the field of architecture and design, which has given me access to incredible work, super-talented people, and exciting ideas about the way people shape and are shaped by the physical world.


As a member of in-house communications teams at large multinational and Fortune 500 corporations, I've had the opportunity to work with senior leadership on the development of high-profile communications - whether internal, consumer-facing, or for media use. More recently I've applied those skills as an independent consultant, working with business owners looking to mature their communications strategy.


Writing a single word can be the most difficult job in the world, and I have (too much?) experience with this particular challenge. I thank my years as creative director at Hallmark for my ability to distill complex ideas and emotions into very brief statements with humanity and empathy.